Reservation terms and conditions

Supplier: Scouter Mobility Oy, Korkeakoulunkatu 6, 33720 Tampere. Business ID: 2516260-4

Agreement on reservation

The customer reserves a Scouter vehicle from the first production lot by accepting these reservation terms and conditions, giving the required information and paying the reservation fee of EUR 199.00. The customer shall pay EUR 8,291.00 as the final price as well as the possible freight. The final price shall be paid in accordance with the purchase agreement between the parties in connection with the delivery.

Scouter vehicle

The Scouter is an electrically assisted light vehicle and it is in the vehicle class L1E-A as stipulated in European Union’s legislation. The Scouter can be operated without a driver’s license and it can be driven on walkways. A motor vehicle insurance needs to be obtained for the Scouter by the customer.

Some pre-production versions of the Scouter have been produced, which the customer may have seen or tested. The final serial production version of the Scouter may still be modified.

Type approval is sought for the Scouter and its planned industrial production shall commence in the beginning of 2020.

The Scouter shall have a regular manufacturer’s warranty.


The customer shall reserve the Scouter by accepting these reservation terms and conditions, providing the required information and paying the reservation fee. Scouter Mobility Oy shall confirm the reservation via email.

Delivery of the Scouter

We will deliver the Scouter as a home delivery. In such case we will charge a separate freight. The Scouter can also be picked up from the manufacturer’s warehouse for no separate fee. The Scouter will be delivered to the customer by the end of May 2020 (31.5.2020). Despite this, Scouter Mobility Oy has the right to deliver the Scouter prior to the aforementioned date. Scouter Mobility Oy shall inform the customer of the delivery and/or possibility to pick up the Scouter without undue delay.

NB: We do not deliver abroad!

Cancelling the reservation and return of reservation fee

The reservation has a full 14-day withdrawal period. The notice of withdrawal must be delivered within 14 days of receiving the reservation confirmation. In order to use their right to withdraw, the customer must inform Scouter Mobility Oy thereof via email to Scouter Mobility Oy’s address:  .

If the customer decides to withdraw the reservation after 14 days from receiving the reservation confirmation, Scouter Mobility Oy shall return 50 % of the reservation fee (EUR 99.50). The aforementioned return of the reservation fee is subject to the customer delivering their notice of withdrawal by 31.1.2020. If the notice of withdrawal is delivered after 31.1.2020, the customer shall not have a right to get their reservation fee returned.

Regardless of what was stated above, the customer may at their discretion get their reservation fee returned if Scouter Mobility Oy is not able to deliver the Scouter in accordance with the schedule described in these terms and conditions. We shall inform our customers via email or phone if the delivery time differs from the delivery time stipulated in these terms and conditions. The customer must inform Scouter Mobility Oy of their use of their right to get the reservation fee returned via email to the address: within 14 days from receiving the aforementioned information.

If the customer withdraws from the agreement and they have a right to receive their reservation fee returned, we will return the reservation fee without undue delay, however no later than 14 days from receiving the notice of withdrawal. We shall return the reservation fee using the same method of payment the customer has used in the initial transaction, unless the customer has explicitly agreed to something else and in any case in a way that does not cause any additional costs to the customer.

Methods of payment

We use Paytrail Oy as our payment forwarder, which means that the methods of payment that are available are the methods accepted by Paytrail Oy.

Calculation for the final price:

Total price: EUR 8,490.00 (incl. VAT. 24%). Freight shall be paid by the customer separately.

Reservation fee: – EUR 199.00

Final price to be paid by the customer: EUR 8,291.00 (incl. VAT 24%)

Limitation of liability

Scouter Mobility Oy shall in no case whatsoever be liable for any indirect damages possibly incurred by the customer. Scouter Mobility Oy’s shall in no case whatsoever be more than the sum paid by the customer to Scouter Mobility Oy based on these terms and conditions.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Scouter Mobility Oy reserves the right to change any of these terms for any reason.